Live Webinars

  • Bringing Equity to your Recruitment and Retention Processes

    Includes a Live Web Event on 04/22/2020 at 1:00 AM (EDT)

    Learn how to make your recruitment and retention procedures more inclusive.

    In recent years, an increasing number of local governments now include a commitment to equity and inclusion in their mission statements and strategic plans. While these pledges are certainly an important first step, actually carrying them out is a much greater challenge. However, incorporating these principles in your recruitment and retention processes is an excellent way to both foster a more diverse and effective workforce while also supporting underrepresented populations in your community. 

    In this webinar, you'll join a panel of experts from NLC, ICMA, and the public sector as they share the strategies that have been made their hiring and retention processes more inclusive. You will learn:

    • Strategies for addressing implicit and other forms of bias during the hiring process
    • How to create job descriptions that attract a diverse range of applicants
    • How to make metrics and accountability a priority

    ICMA Practice Areas: [3] Equity and Inclusion; [4] Staff Effectiveness; [13] Human Resources Management and Workforce Engagement

    Rita Ossolinski

    Program Director, Race, Equity, And Leadership Program (REAL)

    Rita Ossolinski joined NLC’s Race, Equity, And Leadership Team (REAL) in late 2018. She manages and supervises staff and key activities for funded REAL projects. Rita came to NLC after more than 20 years at the International City/County Management Association (ICMA) where she directed State and Affiliate relations with 43 state associations, and four national affiliates including the Local Government Hispanic Network, the National Forum for Black Public Administrators, Women Leading Government, and the International Network of Asian Public Administrators. Prior to her work at ICMA, Rita served as Deputy Director and Acting Director of the D.C. Government Office of Latino Affairs. Early in her career, Rita worked for two non-profit organizations. At the National Alliance for Hispanic Health, she directed a youth advocacy program in juvenile justice and delinquency prevention. At the Greater Washington Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, she served as communications director.

    A long time D.C. resident, Rita currently serves on the board of the Historical Society of Washington. She received her B.A. with a double major in Government and Spanish at the College of William & Mary.

    Priscilla Wilson

    Chief People Officer

    Priscilla Wilson is ICMA's Chief People Officer, recently joining the organization after a 25-year career solidly grounded in full spectrum strategic human capital management, development, and engagement, with a particular emphasis on non-profits and local government and a reputation as one who can foster and nurture rapport and collaboration among diverse stakeholders. 

    Her most recent role was as a Senior Vice President with the highly-respected executive search and leadership development firm, The Mercer Group. Prior to that, she served the city of Garland, Texas for over a decade and a half as Senior Managing Director/Chief Human Resources Officer.

    Peggy Merriss, ICMA-CM

    Former City Manager, Decatur, GA; CEO, Merriss Management and Leadership Consulting

    Peggy Merriss is the former City Manager of Decatur, GA, where she served for 35 years (25 as manager) before her retirement in 2018. She has an MPA from UNC Chapel Hill and a BA in Politics from Converse College where she has been recognized with the "Career Achievement Award." She has also completed the SEI program at the UVA and received her ICMA Credentialed Manager designation in May 2003. Peggy previously served as the President of ICMA, the first woman and youngest person to ever hold the office. She is a member of the Board of Directors of ICMA-RC and has served on the Board of the Alliance for Innovation. The Georgia City/County Management Association awarded her with the Pillar of Professional Excellence Award in 2008 and in 2003 she was awarded the "Georgia Excellence in Public Service Award."

  • Alternative Financing Strategies for Renewal and Replacement of Public Buildings

    Includes a Live Web Event on 04/08/2020 at 1:00 PM (EDT)

    Learn about alternative strategies for managing aging and obsolete public facilities.

    Local governments across the nation face the common challenge of aging portfolios of government-owned facilities that are in significant need of renewal or replacement.  Across the country, many schools, courthouses, police and fire stations, and other essential public buildings have fallen into disrepair, are decades beyond their useful life, or can no longer support the mission and functions of their tenant agencies.  Given the timing and uncertainties of the capital budgeting process, much-needed projects to repair or replace these outdated facilities often take years to fund.  In other cases, local governments never receive the resources necessary to renew or replace facilities that are critical to meeting public and citizen expectations of local their government.

    This webinar discussion will focus on how city and county governments are using alternative financing solutions to meet their facility needs.  The session will examine 1) the various types of long-term lease agreements; 2) how existing government assets might factor into lease transactions; 3) how lease term strategy and other terms and conditions impact the cost of financing and 4) opportunities for government ownership through the leasing process. In addition, the discussion will feature case studies that demonstrate how long-term leasing strategies helped local governments address critical facilities requirements in this era of capital budget constraints.  

    The webinar will be led by Norman Dong, former Commissioner for the United States General Services Administration, Public Buildings Service; Joe Delogu, Founding Principal of FD Stonewater and an established leader in the real estate industry with over 30 years of leasing, development, and investment management experience; and Tim Gleason, ICMA-CM, City Manager for the City of Bloomington, Illinois and ICMA Governmental Affairs & Policy Committee member.

    ICMA Practice Areas: [7] Strategic Planning; [12] Financial Management and Budgeting

    Tim Gleason, ICMA-CM

    City Manager, Bloomington, IL

    Norman Dong

    Managing Director, FD Stonewater; former Commissioner for the United States General Services Administration, Public Buildings Service

    Norman Dong serves as Managing Director at FD Stonewater, LLC, a real estate brokerage, development, and investment firm. Mr. Dong is also the former Commissioner of the General Services Administration (GSA) Public Buildings Service, where he was responsible for asset management, design, construction, leasing, building management and disposal of approximately 374 million square feet of government-owned and leased space. In addition to his Federal experience, Mr. Dong also has held leadership positions at the state and local levels of government, including Deputy Mayor for Operations and City Administrator for the District of Columbia.  

    Joe Delogu

    Founding Principal, FD Stonewater

    Joe Delogu is a founding partner of FD Stonewater, LLC and an established leader in the real estate industry with over 30 years of leasing, development, and investment management experience. Joe began his career with the General Services Administration (GSA), eventually moving to Spaulding & Slye where he opened and operated the government-services division for the company and was soon elevated to a partner within the firm.  Following Jones Lang LaSalle’s acquisition of Spaulding & Slye, Joe was named International Director and Managing Director of JLL’s Government Investor Services group. Over the course of his career, Joe has led countless teams on thousands of lease transactions, development or construction consulting projects, as well as financing, acquisition, and disposition assignments. He has successfully completed nearly 4,000 lease transactions totaling more than 45 million square feet on behalf of landlords and tenants across the country. Joe is a key part of FD Stonewater’s leadership team and brings a tremendous level of knowledge and technical expertise to the firm’s brokerage, investment, and development platforms.

  • Free Webinar: The Economic Impact of Library Innovation

    Includes a Live Web Event on 04/01/2020 at 1:00 PM (EDT)

    Join Library Systems and Services for a free webinar on innovation in modern libraries and the value they can bring to your community.

    Libraries have long been valuable community resources, but today’s innovative services mean modern libraries yield huge returns on investment, presenting community leaders with a tremendous opportunity. What do modern libraries offer? Join us for a 30-minute webinar to see how innovative libraries that provide non-traditional services, connect to civic engagement, respond to community need, and co-locate services produce quantifiable economic impact. It’s all about aligning services and intersecting delivery with everyday community life.  

    This webinar is complimentary thanks to the sponsorship of an ICMA Strategic Partner who will have access to registration information.

    ICMA Practice Areas: [9] Community and Resident Service; [10] Service Delivery; [11] Technological Literacy; [14] Communication and Information Sharing

    Debbie Joy

    Marketing Director

    Debbie is a library professional with experience in public library strategy, development and marketing. At Library Systems & Services, Debbie collaborates with community leaders and library staff on strategic planning and library assessments. Previously, Debbie’s work at the Enoch Pratt Free Library in Baltimore included design, planning and funding of literacy programs for children, teens and adults. Debbie has designed outcomes measurement of library programs to help secure grant funding, and brings a strategic, results-driven approach. Debbie brings deep dedication to the mission of the public library and its significant impact on communities. Debbie earned a Master of Library Science from the University of Maryland and a Bachelor of Science in Journalism from the University of Kansas.

  • Is Your EMS System Delivering Value? 10 Performance Metrics to Know and Compare

    Includes a Live Web Event on 03/31/2020 at 1:00 AM (EDT)

    Get the tools you need to ensure your jurisdiction's EMS systems are operating at peak efficiency.

    Ever wonder how effective your Emergency Medical Services (EMS) system performs? Do you know how your EMS system compares to others on key metrics such as cost and revenue per response, patient outcomes, and satisfaction? Is your system delivering value for the money invested?

    The Center for Public Safety Management (CPSM) has evaluated hundreds of EMS systems across the country, and the members of the Academy of International Mobile Healthcare Integration (AIMHI) represent some of the highest performing EMS systems in North America. CPSM and AIMHI are teaming up to bring ICMA members insights into what effective EMS systems look like, and the key metrics that can tell you how your system in performing clinically, operationally, and fiscally.

    As part of the webinar, you will learn the 10 most important metrics your EMS agency, whether fire-based, contracted, or hospital-based, should regularly report to you every month to prove they are delivering VALUE to your community.

    ICMA Practice Areas: [9] Community and Resident Service; [10] Service Delivery; [12] Financial Management and Budgeting

    Tom Wieczorek

    Director, Center for Public Safety Management

    Thomas Wieczorek is an expert in fire and emergency medical services operations. He has served as a police officer, fire chief, director of public safety and city manager and is former Executive Director of the Center for Public Safety Excellence (formerly the Commission on Fire Accreditation International, Inc.). He has taught several programs at Grand Valley State University, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), and Grand Rapids Junior College. He has testified frequently for the Michigan Municipal League before the legislature and in several courts as an expert in police and fire department management. He is the past-president of the Michigan Local Government Manager’s Association; served as the vice-chairperson of the Commission on Fire Officer Designation; and served as vice chairperson of the Commission on Fire Accreditation International.

    He most recently worked with the National League of Cities and the Department of Homeland Security to create and deliver a program on emergency management for local officials titled, “Crisis Leadership for Local Government Officials.” It has been presented in 43 states and has been assigned a course number by the DHS. He represents ICMA on the NFPA 1710 and 1730 Standards Committees and is a board member on the International Accreditation Service, a wholly owned subsidiary of the International Code Council.

    He received the Mark E. Keane “Award for Excellence” in 2000 from the ICMA, the Association’s highest award and was honored as City Manager of the Year (1999) and Person of the Year (2003) by the Rural Water Association of Michigan, and distinguished service by the Michigan Municipal League in 2005.

    Matt Zavadsky

    Chief Strategic Integration Officer, MedStar Mobile Healthcare

    Matt Zavadsky is the Chief Strategic Integration Officer at MedStar Mobile Healthcare, the regional governmental EMS authority for Fort Worth and 14 other member cities in North Texas, a service area of 436 square miles with more than 1 million residents without any public subsidy. Matt is a also a senior associate with the Center for Public Safety Management, working with CPSM to provide recommendations to ICMA members to enhance and improve EMS delivery in their communities.

    Chip Decker

    CEO, Richmond Ambulance Authority; President, Academy of International Mobile Healthcare Integration

    Chip Decker is CEO of the Richmond Ambulance Authority in Virginia, and the President of the Academy of International Mobile Healthcare Integration (AIMHI), an association of high performance/high value agencies serving a combined population of 7.6 million people, a geography of over 27,000 square miles and responding to over 1.17 million ambulance calls.  

  • Competitive Pay: Best Practices for Determining Pay Rates for Local Government Positions

    Includes a Live Web Event on 03/17/2020 at 1:00 PM (EDT)

    Learn how to ensure your community's compensation packages can compete with the private sector.

    Local governments often face an uphill battle when trying to attract and retain top-notch talent, as they must compete against both the private and nonprofit sectors to be the employer of choice. However, there are a number of tactics your jurisdiction can employ to recruit and maintain a high-caliber staff.

    Join human resources experts Carol Granfield, ICMA-CM and Sandy Stapczynski as they discuss various methods for municipal compensation and planning and review best practices for determining pay rates for individual positions.

    Audience: Local government managers, assistant managers and HR directors

    This webinar will cover:

    • How to weigh and compare total compensation packages
    • Various methods for municipal compensation analysis
    • How to address compression issues to improve staff retention
    • Salary data analytics utilizing public and private sector databases
    • The advantages of also using an internal equity tool (for pay equity purposes such as ranking and classification and grouping similar like positions on a pay and classification plan)

    ICMA Practice Areas: [12] Financial Management and Budgeting; [13] Human Resources Management and Workforce Engagement

    Carol M. Granfield, ICMA-CM

    Principal Consultant, Municipal Resources, Inc.

    Carol M. Granfield, ICMA-CM , is principal consultant for Municipal Resources, Inc. She has 38 years of public sector management experience and seven years private sector experience. Carol has served in town administrator/manager positions in New England and also as director of administration in Herndon, Virginia, and personnel director in Fairfax, Virginia.

    Carol’s expertise in human resources and labor relations includes the establishment of personnel policies, organizational studies, wage, classification and benefit studies and union negotiations.

    Carol is co-author of the newly released ICMA e-book, "Performance Appraisal Fundamentals: A Quick Guide to Fair, Consistent, and Useful Performance Appraisals."

    Aleksandra (Sandy) Stapczynski

    Founder and President, Human Resources Services, Inc.

    Aleksandra (Sandy) Stapczynski, is founder and president of Human Resources Services, Inc. (HRS), a small woman-owned business located in the greater Boston area. HRS is a major provider of HR Consulting Services, particularly pay/classification/performance, to local governments in Massachusetts.

    With nearly 30 years of experience providing technical assistance to local governments in key areas of human resource management, she and her associates provide consultancy services to hundreds of New England cities, towns, school districts, counties, regional agencies, and state agencies. Sandy is co-author of the newly released ICMA e-book, Performance Appraisal Fundamentals: A Quick Guide to Fair, Consistent, and Useful Performance Appraisals. She is a contributor to ICMA’s Human Resource Management in Local Government: An Essential Guide (1st, 2nd, 3rdEditions) and has also authored an ICMA IQ Management Report on Staffing and Utilization Studies.

    She has served as adjunct professor and guest speaker at colleges/universities in the Boston area. She holds a master’s degree in public administration from the Sawyer Business School, Suffolk University, Boston, and a bachelor’s degree in government from Suffolk University.

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