Domestic Violence: New Strategies for Law Enforcement

Recorded On: 05/31/2018

Research shows that domestic violence offenders are not necessarily a special class of criminal, but are likely to have also committed other violent and non-violent crimes. Considering these offenders as generalists (burglars, car thieves, etc.), Hollywood, Florida completely changed the way it approached domestic violence cases and embarked on a program of focused-deterrence.

As reported in a March 2018 PM Magazine article, within the first two years, the program is showing promise with a decline in the number of domestic violence reports.

Join in a candid discussion about new approaches to policing that could help your department reduce the number of domestic violence crimes in your community.

You and your staff will discuss:

  • Domestic violence and its impact on the community and a police department’s ability to engage with residents
  • Resource drain caused by domestic violence and recidivism
  • Focused-deterrence programs
  • Case study of Hollywood, Florida and ideas that you may implement in your community

Rhett Cady

ICMA Presenter

Rhett Cady has 20 years of Law enforcement experience, starting his career with the Indian Creek Village Public Safety Department in Florida in 1998. In this capacity he was assigned to the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) at the Miami International Airport, working interdiction and racketeering investigations.  In 2002 Rhett joined the Hollywood Police Department in Hollywood, Florida.  Rhett became a sergeant in 2011 and since has supervised the Burglary, Economic Crimes, Robbery, Domestic Violence, Violent Crimes and most recently the Special Victims Unit.   

It was in the Capacity as the Domestic Violence Supervisor, Rhett implemented Florida's first Offender Focused Domestic Violence Initiative.  Since, Rhett has developed an expertise in the area of applying the Focused Deterrence concept to each unit he supervises and internalizing the concept throughout the Hollywood Police Department. 

Leonard Matarese

Director of Research and Project Development, Center for Public Safety Management

Leonard Matarese is the Managing Partner of the Center for Public Safety Management, the exclusive provider of public safety technical assistance to ICMA. Leonard has 50 years of experience as a law enforcement officer, police chief, public safety director, city manager and major city human resources commissioner. He has conducted or managed over 350 studies of public safety agencies with particular attention to matching staffing issues with calls for service workload.

Sara McFann

ICMA Presenter

Sara McFann is a PhD. student in Criminology and Criminal Justice at Florida International University in Miami, FL. She is actively involved in research on domestic violence, evidence-based policing, and program evaluation. Before beginning the Doctoral program, Sara worked as an intelligence analyst in national security. She received a B.A. from the University of Maryland, College Park and an M.S. in Criminal Justice from Florida International University. 


05/31/2018 at 1:00 PM (EDT)   |  90 minutes
05/31/2018 at 1:00 PM (EDT)   |  90 minutes
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1.50 ICMA CE credits  |  Certificate available
1.50 ICMA CE credits  |  Certificate available