Managing Service Delivery: A Guide to Outsourcing

Recorded On: 12/14/2021

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As local governments manage the ever-increasing needs of citizens with ever-shrinking budgets, outsourcing various municipal services can be an attractive prospect. However, these decisions can have serious and far-reaching consequences when not done properly. This then begs the question - how do you know which services can, and more importantly, should, be contracted out?

In this webinar, you'll join ICMA Credentialed Manager Jim Nichols (who you may recognize from past webinars on development review processes) as he breaks down the ins and outs of outsourcing and public-private partnerships. He will discuss:

  • The distinctions between outsourcing vs. "privatization," and how they are applied (it doesn't have to be all-or-nothing!)
  • When outsourcing does and does not make sense, and what types of jurisdictions can benefit the most?
  • How to form a partnership between a service provider and the municipality to ensure the best end result for the community
  • Which services are best suited to outsourcing

ICMA Practice Areas: [9] Community and Resident Service; [10] Service Delivery; [12] Financial Management and Budgeting

Jim Nichols, ICMA-CM

Program Manager, Jacobs; former public works director and deputy city manager

Jim Nichols has had an extensive career in local government executive management around the US, having served over 17 years as Assistant/Deputy City Manager amongst other executive roles for communities around Texas, Arizona and Nevada. Over the course of his career, Jim has overseen nearly every municipal service that is typically offered by a city. Jim has also worked overseas in the Middle East and Latin America helping to develop and establish new cities including the service models necessary to meet the community needs. He has also worked for a US city in which all of their municipal services have been outsourced. Jim’s breadth of experience in city service delivery allows him to speak on the use and application of outsourcing as one option for addressing a community’s service needs.

Jim holds a Master of Science degree in Engineering from the University of Connecticut and is a licensed Professional Engineer in Arizona, Nevada and Washington. He also is a Credentialed Manager through ICMA and has published 3 books through the American Public Works Association.


Managing Service Delivery: A Guide to Outsourcing
12/14/2021 at 1:00 PM (EST)   |  90 minutes
12/14/2021 at 1:00 PM (EST)   |  90 minutes
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